Porto-Vecchio and its region


Bonifacio a coastline exctending over 70 km with numerous beaches with crystal clear waters such as Rondinara, Balistra, the Gulfs of Santa
Manza, the Canetto and Petit Sperone.

The marina, the citadel and old town, and the views across the harbour and surrounding cliffs are the individual highlights of your visit, but it is the atmosphere and Mediterranean ambiance that will stay longest in your memory. A boattrip to the Lavezzi islands is paradise! This protected clutch of uninhabited islets were made for those who love nothing better than splashing in tranquil lapis-lazuli waters. Looking for a snorkling paradise!!!

Porto Vecchio

The old town of Porto Vecchio, in itself, offers a nice view of the ramparts of the citadel, narrow streets, a square with an imposing church. The center of the old city is the Republic Square in front of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, lively living spaces with bars and glaciers. The ideal place to be with family or friends. Between shopping and output Noctune, the city comes alive at dusk



The capital without a crown for the Corsicans. Anything here recalls the freedom fighter Pasquale Paoli. The citadel at the eagle's nest, the museum of corsica, a trip by train to Ajaccio. Point of departure of many walks to the gorges of the Restonica river and the river Tavignano.



Also called "the most corsican city of the island," a beautiful road along
the coast with beautiful views, many lanes, restaurants and typical Corsican local products.

Must Do

The walk through the Fiumicelli river in the massif of Bavella

A day trip to the islands of Lavezzi, paradise snorkeling at Bonifacio

Canyoning in the 17 waterfalls of the Pulishellu ( ww.bavellacanyon)

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Pinarello, Palombagia, Santa Giulia, Pinarello, Sin.

Discover the small local shops with jams and cold meats, wine, olive oil,


For the golfers, the golf de Sperone (18 holes). At the southern tip of Corsica, an 18 hole golf course beautifully inserted in a unique site that attracts. Porto Vecchio, the golf course of Lezza with 9 holes.

The Bavella needles

The Col de Bavella (Pass of Bavella) is a great place to appreciate the stunning scenery of the Alta Rocca mountains and is a hive of outdoor pursuit activities. Bavella is a mecca of southern Corsica. This imposing site alone summarizes the features of the relief of the island. The Alta Rocca also reserves you a range of outdoor activities guarantor of sensations and entertainment such as canyoning, climbing, mountain biking, water rides, climbing etc.


Golf de Sperone
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